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The Jovian Foundation pic map

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Will George W. Bush set foot in Europe again in his lifetime? (van > George W. Bush set foot in Europe) pic map

--- "You reap what you sow.......... " karma" (van > complaining about Refugees !) pic map

Canada,...we have a problem. Canada sells nearly half of all its gold (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Is BC Hydro Next ? Guess what's happening in USA re: Smart Meters (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Did Nikola Tesla Discover Free Energy? (van > Vancouver World) pic map


BC Hydro announced plans to remove 88,000 'smart' meters suspected of (van > Vancouver World) pic map

NASA - Emergency Operations - Personal/Family Preparedness Plan (van > Richmond, Burnaby) map

UFO Contact in 2016 (SHOCKING)NASA preparing the World for the event (van > Richmond) map

Property Tax and aliens and UFO (van > Richmond, Burnaby) map

Live standoff Burns Oregon feed (sea > Burns Or) map

VOTING (sea > under a black flag) map

The First ever Satanists gathering 200,000 in US map

RE: Refugee Crisis Created by USA to Divide & Conquer Europe ! (van > =====================Find out The truth) pic map

So the Deadbeat hates HRC...what else is new! pic map

Is the Deadbeat hyperventilating about HRC again? (sea > Catch your breath Basement Dweller!) pic map

And what does Camille Paglia think about the GOP candidates Deadbeat? (sea > LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!) pic map

Trump-Trump pic map

Feminists Melt Down Over Unlikable Hillary Clinton (sea > Real Clear Politics) pic map

Camille Paglia: Hillary's "blame-men-first" feminism may prove costly (sea > Salon) pic map

New poll shows Hillary Clinton losing support among women (sea > Washington Examiner) pic map

NH Poll: Bernie Sanders leads Clinton in every major voting bloc! (sea > CBS News) pic map

::UNLIKEABLE::: Hillary Clinton (sea > Edward Klein) pic map

re obama's debt map

The COV ticket ajudicator system needs to go map

Let us vote on the viaducts removal ! (van > Vancouver) map

Re: too many busses (bli > Bill's Uranus) map

Angry??? (sea > Olympia, WA) pic map

Paul Ryan map

Republicans map

GOV IS THE TERRORIST - historically, accurately & currently speaking. (sea > Dunderland) pic map


USA Spent $20-30 Million to Establish ISIS (van > Find out The truth)----------------) pic map

Why is Canada trained soldiers in Iraq ? (van > What business has Canada in Iraq ?) pic map

Obama's Debt map

Tony Blair map

Interesting map

Guns are good map

Following the Elections is a Waste of Time and Energy map

Guns are good map

Veterans pic map

Obama Lied: $750 Million in Taxpayer Funded Obamacare Subsidies Went (sea > to illegals in 2015 - Townhall) pic map

Benghazi Attack Haunts Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire (sea > Time) pic map

Why guns are good...as seen on KOMO News 4 (sea > Woodinville) pic map

Rave for Washington Ceasefire and Gun Control (sea > woodinville) pic map

Hungary and Iceland Kicks Out Rothschild's " IMF Bank " (van > Hungary and Iceland) pic map

You don't need this, America (sea > USA) pic map

Obama's Debt map

World Class Failure: How Seattle's Sob Sister Culture Hurts the Homele (sea > Nickelsville) pic map



Does Donald Trump employ illegals? (OF COURSE HE DOES!!!) pic map

New Study Shows That White Trash Has A Lower IQ THAN A PILE OF SHIT! pic map

And how did The Donald do in Iowa Deadbeat? (sea > He lost!) pic map

Now the Deadbeat is posting articles from World Net Daily (sea > Yet another racist publication) pic map

How about that Robert Gates Deadbeat...and, of course.....Hugh Hewitt! (sea > You will LOVE this Deadbeat!) pic map

FREE STUFF MY HOUSE (bli > Ferndale, WA) map

These Vancouver Homes Sold For Millions In 2011 And Have Been Vacant (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Canadian Fruit Growers Say NO to Genetically Modified 'Arctic Apples' (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Dr. Henry Yu and UBC, the institution should be charged and fired (van > hatred against white people) map

Is Kshama Sawant in an inappropriate relationship? (sea > Seattle) pic map

More RV Gypsies (sea > Myers Way S) pic map

Safe Parking for RVs in Seattle (sea > Seattle) pic map

Minimum Wage Enforcement in Seattle (sea > Seattle) pic map

RT News map

RT News map

Feminists Melt Down Over Unlikable Hillary Clinton (sea > Heather Wilhelm) pic map

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented (sea > CNN) pic map

::UNLIKEABLE::: Hillary Clinton by Ed Klein (bli > Britton Rd /Bellingham) pic map

END OF ISIS: Russia Hits 900 Targets in Last Three Days (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Just want to declare......... (sea > Seattle/Kent) pic map

Animal Abuse is Rampant and YOU CAN HELP STOP IT! (vic > Victoria) map

Every voter needs to know this about Ted Cruz (sea > Seattle) map

Medicinal Marijuana Movement Abbotsford (abb > Abbotsford) pic map

The U.S. government's current policy to combat terrorism (van > Find out The truth) pic map

Loving dog in need or new home ASAP pic map

al Queda/ Soldiers/ what the media should show on war (van > Vancouver) map

DISCLOSURE & THE SECRET EMPIRE -- SGTReport Interview (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Have you ever thought about Tump in drag? map

---- Disclosure ---- How the Secret Government Works (van > Vancouver World) pic map

socalled recession map

Suzuki: Harper should be jailed for his climate positions (van > Vancouver World) pic map

LASAGNA Eat It Now ! ~ Whoa Canada - Full Documentary Film. (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Police breached cellphone customers' charter rights, judge rules (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Canada's electronic spy agency stops sharing some metadata with .... (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Discuss current events with Politalks! (van > Vancouver) map

Lying-with-numbers in CANADA: MASSIVE FOOD PRICE INFLATION (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Drill for Oil in Syria, Violating International Law (van > -----------------Find out The truth) pic map

We are all slaves-the Earth's population is controlled by an "elite" (van > ----------------------Find out The truth) pic map

Meanwhile In Canada, A Real Estate Bargain Emerges... (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Help Wanted! Start & Make $35/hour Filling Out Forms Online! pic map

The CIA is currently funnelling guns and money to Syrian rebels (van > ----------------------Find out The truth) pic map

The truth about the war in the middle east- The truth about the war (van > -----------------Find out The truth) pic map

Bacterial link to inflammatory disease (bli > Background Static) map

The Conspiracy 'Theory' Conspiracy - An Adam Green Film (2015) (van > Vancouver World) pic map

53 Admitted False Flag Attacks (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Documentary Film by: Jason Bermas - EDITED BBC WTC7 (van > Vancouver World) pic map

Almost 1/4 Million union workers face pension cuts.... (van > Vancouver World) pic map

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