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Male convict fish [xundo]

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War, is a money maker, a big money maker for corporations pic [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (sea > Seattle) map [xundo]

And the dumb fuck twins think they own CL! (sea > That being Stoogey and Dubby) pic [xundo]

I think if Dubby and Stoogey quit telling lies about everybody else.. pic [xundo]

Immigration news ! Canada vows to accept 70,000 more refugees (van > !! they are taking over Billy Joe !!) [xundo]

OMG, Stoogey found skull fucking Reagan's Corpse! (sea > Those damn Commies!) pic [xundo]

Clear Evidence that REDNECKS are mentally inferior! (sea > As if you did not know this!) pic [xundo]

Hey everyone, it's "National Kick A White Trash StoogeyPUSSYASS Day" (sea > Boy oh BOY!) pic [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (sea > Seattle) [xundo]

Why guns are seen on KOMO News 4 (sea > Woodinville) pic [xundo]

Rave for Washington Ceasefire and Gun Control (sea > woodinville) pic [xundo]

Once you acknowledge... pic [xundo]

Anarchists are the true guardians... pic [xundo]

TRUTH - DEMOCrapper Party, Regardless if you're SCARED to Believe it! (sea > Dcrappers would like you to Work & Pay Taxes!) pic [xundo]

LIBERALISM - Compassionate Welfare BUTCHERs of Satans World! (sea > SATANS Work is Getting Done...) pic [xundo]

Only Major Threat to FREE America is the LEFT in America... (sea > Daily Destruction Accelerating & Rising) pic [xundo]

HedgeMngrs,Wall Street, & USCorp CEOs in BED Sucking DemoCrapperParty! (sea > DemoCrapper Party Buying Corp Facists...) pic [xundo]

LaborForceParticipation Rate Back to Carter yrs 1978, FED Spent 5 Tril (sea > 94 Mil NO Work, GDP Growth NonExistent, FS thru ROOF!) pic [xundo]

Elected Gov Liberalism - The Best it has to Offer... (sea > Stooged Fools in America Finding Out the Hard Wa